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Project created with the Regional Government of Easter Island, ONEMI and CONAF, and the support of IDB and SUBDERE.

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Rapa Nui has an ancestral connection with the sea.
But the sea is changing.

Risk from tsunamis and coastal erosion are increasing,
threatening the archaeological heritage on the coast.


Fires, increasingly frequent,
accelerate this process.

We have interviewed fishermen, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs,
artists and officials.

We have documented disaster risk perception on the island.

Ludovic Tuki

Ludovic Tuki, fisherman, told us his vision of the sea. "The sea is the mother who gives us all the food we need," he told us.

Las escuelas participaron del simulacro de evacuación por tsunamis

Schools participated in the tsunami evacuation drill.

Evento de distinción

Honoring event for the Rapa Nui sailors who arrived from the mainland with their own boats, built with the same methods used by their ancestors. The voyage took one month.

Los representantes y autoridades de la Mesa del Mar participaron de la campaña

The representatives and authorities of the "Mesa del Mar" (Sea Panel) participated in the tsunami campaign and shared recommendations for safe evacuation in case of alerts.

Estudiantes de escuelas de Hanga Roa participaron

Students from Hanga Roa schools participated in the shooting of the tsunami spot.

The island is vulnerable to
the impact of tsunamis.

Together with the Government and ONEMI,
we carried out a tsunami prevention
campaign and drill promotion.

We also made an English version
for tourists.

Cura Bernardo changed the sound
of the church bell for the drill.

In addition, together with CONAF,
we conducted a fire eradication campaign.

We interviewed firefighters, scientists, officials,
tour operators, and teachers.

Pedro Lazo

Pedro Lazo Hucke, a CONAF firefighter, participated in the fire campaign on the island. In the middle of the shooting, he had to leave in order to put out a fire.

Reconocido artista

Renowned artist Dr Alderete came from Mexico to coordinate the participatory workshop on fires.


Lilian González, from CONAF, participated in the campaign and described the relationship between fires, coastal erosion and protection of the island's heritage.

Brigada de bomberos

Hanga Roa's fire brigade amplifies the tsunami warning sound with the siren of its own station.

Niños posters

The children made the fire campaign materials and message, which was then distributed through posters.

In a workshop with students coordinated
by artist De Alderete, we designed
prevention posters.

The results were these posters that were distributed throughout the island.

poster 1
poster 2
poster 3
poster 4
poster 5
poster 6

We investigated how fires accelerate
coastal erosion.

And we also investigated the connection
between coastal erosion and archaeological heritage.

This is the video compilation that
includes all videos created.